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"Hussangs is in Esenanda Mexico and now in other locations.
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I have been desiging websites since the inception of the internet, but I was never an artist or websites builder pro. I was there before the actualy websites came out.
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Captain Chuck

Not my boat

waWashington State and what is the name of this moutain.?


. . . . . . . . . . . Ok, lets get serious here! No, really. I want this site to be YOUR site . . . . . . . . . . .

I am making blogs and have many blogs about many things. If you don't see what you are interested then let me know, thanks. These guys were the best in their day. You can acheve what you want if you try.

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This site has had over 34 million visitors since I added a counter within the last 5 years.

Hello and my name is Captain Chuck. I have a 50' Yacht Fish name "Casablanca" I am offering fun for a couple overnight for a day or two. Maybe 2 kids as well. Or up to 6 people for a day or evening trip up the channel and back, sunset cruise. For the overnight trip I have the forward berth, queen size available for 2 people. A couple kids can be accomandated but must be 12 or older.

I have tremendous ocean time on vessels. I have Captioned and worked on vessels in the Bering Sea for over 6 years in the late 1970's. I am a very good Captain. I brought a boat down frmo Washington State in 2017 by myself last year, 1600 miles to San Diego. No problem and the auto pilot did not work, meaning I had to steer all the way. I have never had a boat claim ever. I have Captained up to a 200' 200 passanger vessel in Florida. I would love to have you come aboard for some fun. We can cruse around, inside or outside. Meaning; The vessel is located at Chula Vista marina in Chula Vista, just below San Diego. It is at one end of a long channel that is 10 miles long and the entrance to the pacific ocean. It is very nice in that chanell for a nice quiet cruise during the day ,incredible sunsets, or keep cruising to the entrance to the pacific ocean. If we are fishing, we might go as far as the Coronado Islands in Mexico, just over the border. No problem for us as we don't touch any land in Mexico. A fun trip, you will need a fishing license for anyone that acutally fishes inculding kids.





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What do I like, boating, golf, tennis, guitar, plumeria hobby (and what a collection I have, many for sale now) tenor saxophone, travel, not much of any of this lately.

Hello, my name is Captain Chuck. Yes a true boat Captain since 1985. I am single now. I have done serious cruising in my time as well as operated vessels in many states in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, etc. Alaska (King Crabbing in the 70's), Aleutian Islands Alaska, Inside Passage Alaska & Canada, San Juan Islands Canada, San Juan Islands, Washington State, Oregon, California, Mexico, Florida, South Padre Island, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Little Bahama Banks, The Bahamas, Freeport Bahamas, Nassau.

I worked in the King Crab Industry in Alaska for 6 seasons (years) and I am still here. Yes I have lost friends and knew of a few men losing there lives in the Alaska waters in this industry. I am Lucky to not have had any serious injuries. They don't call that working in Alaska in the commercial fishing and King Crab Industry  "THE MOST DANGEROUS JOB IN THE WORLD" for nothing, it is true and a fact.

I also have owned and operated many vessels and run vessels from Alaska, to the Bahamas. I have also cruised all the way down to Panama, and other places.

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Thank You, Captain Chuck

sundaymorning 2 @ hotmail .com

I will set up a monthly membership for you the reader that will help us to continue to cruise and bring you as much as we can about being out there cruising. The membership will be a monthly Donation, you can give if you want, thanks.... We will in return send you email once a week (a link to our new pages if we can,) there my be time it may be a bit longer if we can not get to our email and at sea. There is a way for us to be able to have full time email or internet access, but once again it is very expensive. Maybe one day we can afford to do that. This will be an ongoing project and fun for all. We have a lot of ground we will be covering in the next couple years. We hope you will come along for the ride. We may even find a way to have visitors along way, maybe YOU for a few days? Please stay tuned, and thanks again fo visiting.

What you should know

Captain Chuck

Occupation: Retired

Favorite Camera:
Canon XL2

Favorite Subjects:
The Enviroment, Life in General, Golf, Ocean Cruising/Boating/Flying your own Plane/Videography, Eating Healthy, Dancing, Exercising, Mjusic/ etc.

email: sundaymorning 2 @ hotmail .com

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Pacific Northwest / Mexico / Florida / Hawaii / Bahamas /

Personal Motto:
"Take a picture, it'll last longer."




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